The Thin Line is live

My newest title, The Thin Line, is now live on Amazon.


It is a prequel to Dark and Deep. It can easily be read on its own, though; you’ll have no problem jumping right into it if you haven’t read Dark and Deep. That’s how a prequel oughta be, right?

It is a novella. Dark and Deep is, by Amazon’s estimate, 383 pages. The Thin Line is 93, and that includes a preview of Dark and Deep.

It is about Alexander Smith, and what made him decide to leave for the settlement. It involves Portugal, Glasgow, whiskey, wrought iron, Gelila, Emily, Coira, James, and yes… a healthy dose of Arthur. I love to write Arthur. I hope you love to hate him.

It is available exclusively for Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Reader App. So many people tell me that they can’t read Dark and Deep because they don’t have a Kindle… but that just isn’t true! You can get the Kindle Reader for your home computer, your tablet, your phone, your just-about-anything, and it’s free. Just think of all the books you can read now! Go get it!

The Thin Line costs 99 cents. Alas. I really wanted to make it perma-free, but it turns out that Amazon won’t let me. They want to make money or something. I’ve therefore set it to the lowest allowed price. 99 cents is what they charge for a two-minute MP3 track. I think 99 cents is fair for a novella that will give you around two hours of reading pleasure.



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