Prequel pre-release excitement

I may have The Thin Line, the prequel to Dark and Deep, ready for release next week. It is 26K words at the moment, takes maybe a couple of hours to read, and focuses on–who else–Alexander Smith. I have vague ideas about prequels for Anna, and for Robert and Ruth together, but at the moment I’m chugging along with the sequel, Promises to Keep, instead.

The Thin Line will be distributed for Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Reader app FOR FREE. If you’ve already read Dark and Deep, enjoy! If you haven’t, read it and see if you’re hooked.

What will the prequel be like? Well. The Portuguese coast, Glasgow, whiskey, breakfast cups, Arts & Crafts style, Ethiopian food, the Highlands, wrought iron, and a plentiful dose of Arthur all play parts. Of course Arthur is around–like a bad penny. I’m so pleased with it. Squee.


This is a breakfast cup. It’s like a teacup but larger. Notice the Ovaltine and gin behind it; I’m not English, I’m just drawn that way.


Whiskey. Whiskey whiskey whiskey. Scotch whiskey. A Highland malt in the back, and the grand-high-holy of Islay malts, Lagavulin, in the front. The Outlander fan community has invented the term “whiskeykissin'”, and I’m happy to report that I’ve known about it for years.


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