Stalked by my characters

I’m still having a rip-roaring time writing my prequel to Dark and Deep. It’s coming so much easier than the sequel. Now, there are reasons for that.

1. I wrote a blog entry about why I find the sequel hard to write; all of those reasons still apply

but even more importantly,

2. The sequel refers to issues I’m dealing with in the prequel, and I need to get those issues sorted before I can move on. I’d be doing my character a disservice to forge on with the sequel before I’m absolutely sure of how things play out in the prequel. (Oh, look, I worked in a blacksmithing term.)

This may be a lot of wankage, and I don’t deny it. What’s undeniably true about the prequel, though, is that

3. I am excited about getting it written.

I’m having the delightful feeling I got in the second half of Dark and Deep, when loose ends I didn’t know I’d created tie themselves together… or even better, form a Russian Join, seamless and elegant. Some part of my brain knows the story already. Some part of my brain knew it while I was still writing Dark and Deep. That part of my brain really, really needs to get it written down–and that part manifests itself as my character, harassing me first thing in the morning (bloomin’ early risers…), stalking me at the grocery store, and cocking his right eyebrow at me while I try to figure out what he’d do in the sequel, when I don’t even know where he’s coming from.

ALL RIGHT BUDDY, you’ve won. We’re going to get this written down.

Yes, I heard you saying that it wasn’t all so grim. Well, if you think something’s important, tell me the details. I’m listening.


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