Inspiration: Enya, The Celts

Let’s talk about mood music again. I’ve already discussed Tartanic’s album Uncivilized, which is fast and intense. I needed some slow music to listen to also while writing Dark and Deep, and Enya’s first album, The Celts, was it. It’s far slower and less lyrics-focused than her major hit song Sail Away, so expect something different. There’s a lot of that special Celtic numinosity about it.

My favorite tracks are The Celts (that’s the entrance into Nuadh Brae), Aldebaran, Dan y Dwr and Deireadh An Tuath (which are the same song with different words; those are my themes for nighttime at the lake), and Boadicea. There is a lot of late-80s/early-90s synthesizer on this album, but in the best possible way. Do try it, it’s truly lovely.


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