Inspiration: Tartanic, Uncivilized

Good mood music does so much to enhance the experience of a movie or television show. It also enhanced my experience while writing Dark and Deep. Without a doubt, the rallying cry for this book was the album Uncivilized by pipe-and-drum band Tartanic. It is bagpipe and drums with a touch of other instruments, and it is rockin’. Listen to a sample of Briefcase No. 1 and you’ll understand what I mean.

My favorite tracks are Briefcase No. 1 (that’s the optimism as the settlers unpack on their first night), The Dance Of The Ice Weasels, The Clumsy A-Hole, Steam Train To Mallaig, and The Layers Of Pipe (that’s definitely the couples’ dance in Nuadh Brae). There is also a truly excellent cover of Cat Stevens’ song Lady d’Arbanville. Even if you don’t like bagpipes (and I understand they’re an acquired taste, though this album makes the taste easy to acquire) give that one a listen.

I am now 5000 words into the sequel. I think it’s time for a second Tartanic album, don’t you think?


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